A Trip to Our Family Dentist Office Can Improve Your Bad Breath

For someone that is dealing with having bad breath, it can be tough trying to figure out what the problem is, but visiting our family dentist office can help. Although getting rid of bad breath is not the easiest thing to do, sometimes pinpointing what is causing the bad breath can be just as tough. However, talking openly with your dentist about your breath issues can be the best first step to fighting bad breath.

What can cause bad breath?

There can be quiet a few reasons that bad breath can pop up. Sometimes it is from something a person may have eaten, or from larger issues such as an infection. Figuring out what is causing the bad breath can be confusing. However, a family dentist can be a great help in getting to the bottom of what is causing the bad breath along with ways to fix the issue and get the person back to having fresh breath. A few things that can cause bad breath are:

The food a person eats

Although it is known that right after eating certain foods a person breath can not have the best smell. However, bad smelling breath can be caused by food that was eaten a day or two before. It will depend on the person’s body and how they digest and process the food.

A tooth infection

One of the issues that someone may be dealing with and not realize it is an infection in one or more of their teeth. Although the problem can be fixed relatively quickly, a tooth infection can cause someone to have bad breath. It can seem like it is out of nowhere, but a family dentist can spot the issue quickly.

If there is an infection present having the dentist fix the issue will get the person on the right steps to having good smelling breath again.

Bacteria buildup

Another issue that could cause a person to have bad breath could be from bacteria buildup. Primarily buildup on someone's tongue could cause the most problems with bad breath. By using a tongue scraper, the bacteria can be scraped off, and good smelling breath can be obtainable again.

There are typically tongue scrapers on the back of toothbrushes nowadays, however you can also purchase them at the store to use each day. By using a tongue scraper and mouthwash, a person can typically have great smelling breath quickly again.

Cavities can be the issue too

Cavities can also be an issue for causing a person to have bad breath. After a dentist gets rid of the cavity and uses a filling, the person will back to having good smelling breath.


Have more questions about how to get your breath smelling good again? Give our family dentist office a call, and we can help guide you in making the best decisions for your teeth and oral health.

Request an appointment here: https://www.lilburnfamilydentistry.com or call Lilburn Family Dentistry at (770) 800-0178 for an appointment in our Lilburn office.

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