How a General Dentist Can Treat a Chipped Tooth

Chipped Tooth Lilburn, GA

One of the most common dental emergencies that general dentists like me treat is called chipped tooth (or fractured tooth, or cracked tooth). It happens when someone bites down on something hard, which causes their tooth to crack or chip off at the enamel level.

What is involved in having a chipped tooth treated?

To treat a chipped tooth, your dentist will first remove any pieces of enamel or tooth that have broken off. He or she may then use dental cement to secure what's left of your tooth back into place; or, if you don't need any immediate attention, he or she may prescribe antibiotics and painkillers for you to take home.

An alternative treatment is to have a crown fitted. This involves replacing part of your tooth with a cap made from high-strength porcelain or composite resin, which will match your natural teeth perfectly. A crown can help to protect your weakened tooth structure, and it will also improve its appearance as well as helping you eat, speak, and smile properly.

What does it mean if I have broken teeth?

Even if you've had your teeth for many years, it can still be easy to let them become damaged. You may not realize that you have broken or chipped teeth until they begin to ache and cause damage to other areas of your mouth.

When you have broken teeth, they can become more susceptible to further damage or infection. If your dentist notes that you have broken teeth, be sure to have them fixed as soon as possible so that you can prevent more damage from occurring.

What is involved in getting my teeth fixed?

If you have a small chip in your tooth, you may be able to have it fixed by your general dentist. This type of dental professional has been trained to fill and repair teeth as well as larger chips. Most repairs done by dentists are considered cosmetic or restorative, which means they can change how your teeth look or feel without any effect on their ability to function. These procedures can help give you back full use of your teeth and prevent major problems like decay and gum disease from getting worse. If you notice that one of your front teeth is chipped, start out by calling your general dentist immediately for an appointment.

To repair small chips, your dentist will first examine your chipped tooth carefully to make sure there is no damage beyond what you can see. You may be able to have fillings placed in your teeth for larger chips, but if they are too large, you may need veneers or crowns instead. Your dentist will use cement to fill cracks or apply composite resin to smooth rough edges. You may need more than one procedure done over time, depending on how badly damaged your tooth is and how long you wait between appointments. If you visit your dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings, you should be able to avoid major problems with chipped teeth or other issues with oral health down the road.

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