How ClearCorrect Can Boost Your Smile

Clearcorrect Lilburn, GA

ClearCorrect® is a brand of teeth straightening system. It uses custom-fit, clear aligners specific to each patient’s dental alignment needs. The goal of this system is to straighten your smile by the time you finish wearing all the aligners. If you want to know how this system can boost your smile, here are the details.

Produces fast results

Wearing traditional braces takes about one to two years to complete the alignment. Advancements in orthodontics gave birth to faster teeth alignment systems like ClearCorrect. This treatment only takes eight to 14 months to complete. The speed of its effectiveness depends on the severity of the patient’s misalignment. It also relies on the number of clear aligners the patient needs.

The clear aligners move all the patient’s teeth at the same time. This contributes to the quick, effective results of the ClearCorrect system. Wearing the aligners for at least 22 hours a day is also a major factor in the system’s effectiveness. The patient will only take them off during eating, brushing, or playing contact sports.

Comfortable and convenient

These FDA-approved clear aligners look like mouthguards. They are custom-fit to make sure the teeth straightening experience is comfortable. A few days will allow the patient to accept the aligners as part of the natural teeth. ClearCorrect does not have brackets or wires sticking out. Each tray is smooth and does not interfere with speech. It does not cause scratches or puncture wounds either.

The teeth straightening treatment has a schedule to follow. The patient’s responsibility is to maintain this schedule. The patient does not need to buy any modified teeth cleaning tools while doing so. There are no diet restrictions with this system either. The patient does not need to give up favorite foods or drinks.

Almost invisible

Adult patients often stay away from teeth straightening treatments. The visible brackets and wires cause several problems. One of them is the awkwardness of having brackets showing. With ClearCorrect, the patient wears flexible, almost invisible aligners. Photo opportunities are better without anyone asking questions about the wires and brackets. Since each aligner is custom-fit, there will be no problem in keeping them on either.

Helps prevent severe dental issues

Dental misalignment can lead to a variety of dental issues. It can lead to temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, tooth decay, and gum disease. Using ClearCorrect aligners can remove a person’s risk of developing these issues. It shifts the patient’s teeth in a slow and efficient way.

Makes dental hygiene easier

Dental care is crucial in teeth straightening. Brushing, flossing, and using antibacterial mouthwash are important practices. Wearing traditional braces makes this complicated. The brackets, wires, and ortho bands block the toothbrush and complicate flossing. Using ClearCorrect removes the inconvenience of cleaning teeth during teeth straightening. Removing the aligners makes oral care easier and more efficient.

ClearCorrect teeth straightening system can improve your smile and health

A crooked smile can cause many problems. It can make eating, speaking, and smiling difficult. The dental problems it causes also deteriorate your health. Using ClearCorrect aligners can make your teeth straightening experience fulfilling. A dental appointment can help confirm if you are a good candidate for this system.

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