How to Treat a Broken Tooth That Does Not Hurt

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A broken tooth that does not show severe symptoms can likely be managed at home until a more convenient time for a dental visit. There are several common ways that general dentists recommend dealing with a broken tooth at home before dental treatment is provided. 

Managing a broken tooth before a dental visit

A broken tooth can be painful and cause severe sensitivity and gum swelling. To keep the symptoms to a minimum, many dentists recommend taking safe over-the-counter pain-relief medication, using a cold compress to manage the pain and swelling and substituting soft drinks, tea and coffee for water. 

Anti-inflammatory medication

One of the main concerns that patients have after breaking a tooth is managing the swelling. A broken tooth is typically the result of dental trauma, such as grinding teeth while sleeping or suffering a blow to the mouth during sports. This not only can damage the tooth, but it can also affect the gums as well, leading to severe gum swelling. If the issue is minor, which is typically the case if the tooth does not hurt, then over-the-counter medication to reduce swelling should help. However, if the swelling does not decrease, then a trip to the dentist is encouraged. 

Cold compress

A cold compress can reduce swelling after a broken tooth. It can also numb the affected area and reduce sensitivity. You can either buy a commercial cold compress product or use something around your home, such as a bag of ice or a cold cloth. 

A cold compress can also speed up the healing process, as well as making the initial symptoms more tolerable before you are able to see a dentist for long-term treatment. Simply leave the cold compress on the area where the broken tooth is for 15 minutes. Remove for 15 minutes and repeat two or three times. 

Avoid sugary foods

A broken tooth increases the risk of developing a tooth infection. One way to keep the risk of a tooth infection to a minimal level until the visit with a dentist is to avoid food that is high in sugar, as sugar and other carbohydrates may increase the risk of a tooth infection. This not only includes foods but also many drinks, such as soda, tea and coffee. 

Drink water often

Instead of drinking dark beverages that may increase the risk of complications after a broken tooth, drink water throughout the day. This keeps bacteria and food particles washed away and prevents dry mouth, which reduces the risk of an oral health concern such as a tooth infection. 

Talk to a dentist about broken tooth treatment

Our experienced dental team can promptly treat a broken tooth to ensure that the issue does not worsen. We are glad to explain all available treatment options and help you decide on the best way to treat your broken tooth long term. You can reach us by phone or by email, and we can set up a time for a convenient visit.

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