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Dentistry for children is dentistry that deals with providing oral care for children from infancy to adolescence, mostly when their teeth are still in development. The treatment covers the prevention and treatment of various conditions that may affect the teeth, gums and mouth. It also deals with monitoring teeth growth and taking appropriate measures to prevent future complications.

In this article, we cover essential facts you need to know about dentistry for children and why visiting a kid-friendly dentist is the best choice for your child’s dental health.

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What makes dentistry for children different?

Since children’s dentists have experience treating younger patients who may not be familiar with going to the dentist, they are qualified to manage different behavioral circumstances that may arise. Patients a kid-friendly dentist can see include toddlers, children, adolescents and those with physical or mental impairments.

Children typically have a different response to dental visits. A child that is not familiar with the dentist may be scared or anxious in strange environments. Usually, when children or special needs patients need extensive dental procedures, the dentist needs to use sedation or general anesthesia.

Starting oral hygiene early in life is a great decision when it comes to caring for a child’s teeth. With dentistry for children, your child’s teeth will remain healthy and less prone to cavities and other oral conditions. The following are the different ways your child can benefit from dentistry for children:

Excellent oral hygiene

Good dental hygiene should commence right from infancy. You should adopt an oral hygiene routine the moment you start nursing or feeding the child. Before the eruption of baby teeth, you should clean their gums with a soft and moist washcloth or gauze.

Once the teeth start erupting, you need to keep them clean. This means getting the right tools to use. For example, you need to buy a toothbrush manufactured for babies, usually with small heads and soft bristles.

Experts recommend you take your child for their first dental visits within their first two years. The child’s dentist will help maintain the health of your child’s teeth through cleanings to eliminate plaque accumulation and debris on the teeth. This is essential because it prevents the growth of bacteria that may cause other oral diseases such as a cavity or gum tissue inflammation.

During your dental appointment, the dentist may recommend dental sealants to protect your child’s teeth from dental decay. A dental sealant is a special liquid that is applied to the chewing surfaces of the teeth to prevent the build-up of harmful bacteria. This is especially helpful if your child is prone to cavities.

Fluoride treatment is another preventive care treatment. If the dentist determines that the child is low on fluoride, he or she may recommend fluoride treatment to remineralize and protect the child’s teeth.

Professional dental care tips

The child’s dentist will teach you how to handle your child’s oral care at home. The suggestions usually comprise of the correct way to brush and floss the child’s teeth and extra details that apply to the specific state of your child’s dental health.

The dentist will also focus on your child’s eating patterns and what you can do as a parent to keep your child’s teeth and gums healthy. As a rule of thumb, parents should desist from foods with high sugar and starch content. Additionally, you should never allow your child to sleep during feeding or with a milk bottle in their mouth.

The development of the baby’s primary teeth is vital. The future of a child’s dental health depends on the condition of the child’s tooth development. Dentistry for children gives the parent a complete oral care guide to ensure their kids grow up with excellent oral hygiene.

Children behavioral guidance

Children’s dentists usually use behavioral guidance tactics on patients to calm their fears and nervousness in conditions that may be uncomfortable. Although different behavioral techniques exist, the child’s dentist will always consider the dental requirements of the child, their mental and emotional status and the parent’s request.

Dentists typically use different methods to ensure effective communications with the child. The techniques include encouraging positive behaviors through praises and explaining a dental procedure in a simplified way before the treatment begins. To make the child comfortable and build trust, the dentist may allow the child to watch another patient undertake the procedure.

Selecting the right dentist

As a parent, it is reasonable to want the best and most convenient oral care for your young one. This means that you need to do your research and ask the right questions before choosing a family dentist.

You need to ask if the dentist has experience with treating children. Also, you should check if the office is kid-friendly. Typically, the dental office will have a lot of toys, games and kid-sized chairs. This is a fun environment to keep the child at ease before their appointment. A kid-friendly dentist will know how to calm a child’s fears and ensure maximum comfort.

Search for a dental practice in a convenient location and inquire about their policy regarding dental emergencies, particularly after office hours. If your child has dental insurance, it would be helpful to know beforehand how the practice manages insurance claims. Lastly, opt for children dentists that are certified members of the American Dental Association.

In Conclusion

It is never too late to take your child’s oral care seriously if you have not started. Find a family dentist that offers dentistry for children and enroll there. Wherever you choose to go for oral care, a qualified and professional kid-friendly dentist will work with you to develop a dental care routine and build a trusting relationship with your children.

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