Dental Implants

A consultation with our dentist at Lilburn Family Dentistry can assist you in determining if dental implants are the right choice for you. The doctor will begin by examining your teeth and gums to evaluate your bone density and ensure there is a significant amount of bone structure for the placement of implants. At our Lilburn facility, our practice offers patients Subperiosteal and All-on-Four implants.

What are Subperiosteal Implants?

Subperiosteal implants are placed above or in the jawbone like a saddle. Patients who have a narrow jawbone and do not want to undergo surgery to rebuild it, prefer this procedure. Subperiosteal implants are light and designed for each patient's needs and fit comfortably over the remaining bone.

The Procedure

Dental implantations are done when bone growth is complete or anytime after adolescence. Depending on your situation, the professionally trained dentist at Lilburn Family Dentistry will counsel you on how long the treatment will take, how many appointments are necessary and what to expect after each visit. The doctor will also discuss your options regarding local anesthesia or sedation medication. Subperiosteal implants usually take two dental appointments. On your initial visit, the doctor will take an impression of your jawbone. The mold is needed to create the frame that will support the implants. On your second visit, the frame is then surgically placed into your jawbone. After the treatment, you should expect to heal in about four to five weeks. Our staff will schedule you for periodic follow-up appointments for the doctor to evaluate your implants and, if needed, make any necessary adjustments.

All-On-Four Implants

All-on-Four implants is a groundbreaking procedure that replenishes your missing teeth with a natural-looking, permanent smile in just 24 hours! Four implants are placed in the jaw to support a full set of replacement teeth. You are completely sedated so that you will experience no pain during the procedure. Another benefit of All-on-Four implants is that patients avoid the need for bone grafting, which is a surgical procedure traditionally required to correct for substantial bone loss. Also, the All-on-Four procedure removes the day-to-day frustrations and awkwardness of wearing dentures, and patients once again enjoy the same eating privileges of people with natural teeth.

Want to learn more about these dental implants? Call Lilburn Family Dentistry at (770) 824-8857 for a consultation with our highly skilled dentist.

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