Periodontal Services

At Lilburn Family Dentistry, we perform a procedure called scaling and root planing for patients with mild gum disease. Our practice also treats patients with a “gummy” smile by doing a procedure called dental crown lengthening.

What is Periodontal/Gum Disease?

Gum or periodontal disease, begins when bacterium forms underneath the gums or bone and becomes infected. Most patients aren't even aware they suffer from gum disease; however, if you have inflamed, swollen or red gums, and bleed when you brush your teeth, you should make an appointment at our Lilburn office for a consultation. Gum disease left untreated can result in bacteria traveling past the fiber barrier and continuing down the surface of the tooth destroying the inside lining of the gum and bone resulting in tooth loss.

What is Scaling and Root Planing?

Scaling is a procedure that cleans your gums and their pockets by removing any food or built-up plaque that causes bacteria to grow. In our Lilburn facility, the dentist uses a special tool to scale and scrape plaque from inside the gum's pocket and teeth, until completely cleaned. The doctor then adjusts the teeth's roots, so they re-attach themselves to your cleaned gums. One or more visits might be needed to complete the procedure.

Root planing cleans the space between your gums and the tooth down to their roots. Before the procedure, your gums and root are numbed using a local anesthetic. Then the doctor will proceed to use an ultrasonic tool for the planing and scaling. Next, the doctor will place a few antibiotic fibers into the pockets between your teeth and gums. The medicine will help heal and prevent infection. After about one week, the doctor will remove the fibers.

Dental Crown Lengthening

Why would I need crown lengthening? One reason could be because you have a broken or decayed tooth at the gum line. Or maybe you have what is called a "gummy smile" where a large amount of gum tissue appears around your upper teeth. Whatever the reason, crown lengthening is a procedure to remedy these problems. With a broken or decayed tooth, the dentist will remove the damage. After the area is cleared of decay, the doctor might find there isn't enough tooth structure to support a crown or a filling. Without enough gum line, ill-fitted crowns could cause inflammation and irritation. Even worse, tooth decay left under the dental crown could cause more aggressive dental treatments later on. At Lilburn Family Dentistry, our doctor uses a procedure called crown lengthening, which is the removal of bone or gum tissue, to expose more of your tooth's structure.

Swollen, red or bleeding gums is a sign of periodontal disease. Call Lilburn Family Dentistry in Lilburn, GA for an appointment. Dial (770) 824-8857 today!

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