The Dental Health Risks of Partially Erupted Wisdom Teeth

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Partially erupted wisdom teeth have various dental health risks. These third molars break through the gum tissue in an incomplete manner. Only the crowns show. The rest of their bodies are deep in the gum tissue and jawbone. Once you have this type of wisdom teeth, you are vulnerable to different dental health risks. If you want to understand these dental health risks, here are the facts.

Dental pain

Wisdom teeth are the last molars that erupt. Unfortunately, there is not enough room for them anymore. The lack of space forces them to grow in a lying position, toward the neighboring teeth, and toward the back of the mouth. Lack of space also leads to partial eruption or impaction. In partial eruption, the wisdom teeth break the surface up to the crown. Impacted wisdom teeth stay inside the gums and jawbone.

Partial impaction in wisdom teeth puts the patient at risk for dental pain. It may come in waves at first. Over time, more changes happen that result in chronic pain. Dental pain in the partially impacted wisdom teeth needs attention from the dentist. If the patient cannot handle the discomfort anymore, the dentist might recommend an extraction. The pain often spreads to the jaw, throat, ear, and side of the face.


Partially erupted third molars are prone to infection. Wisdom teeth are in the far back of the mouth. It is often a challenge to clean them well. This results in the gathering of food particles on and around the third molars. If the partially erupted third molars are not clean enough, bacteria will collect. This will cause plaque, tartar, and cavities.

Bacteria will go further into the rest of the wisdom teeth. Even if the third molars only reveal the crown, decay will still reach them. This will make the situation worse. More infection will happen. It will be easier for the infection to reach the gums and the jawbone. This is a harmful thing for people with weak immunity.

Shifting of teeth

These third molars push neighboring teeth from inside the gums and jawbone. The second molars shift and push the first molar. This domino effect results in the misalignment of teeth. The patient will need orthodontic treatment to straighten the smile.

Dental shifting can also result from the formation of cysts on and around the partially erupted wisdom teeth. The cyst starts as a water-filled growth. If it does not receive treatment, this will grow and push the neighboring teeth to the side as well. This growth could also reach the jawbone and weaken it.

Partially erupted wisdom teeth can cause havoc in your mouth

Even if these third molars are not fully out, they continue to cause undesirable changes from underneath the gums and jawbone. You should visit your dentist right away if you start experiencing pain in the back of your mouth. A dental X-ray will confirm if you have partially erupted wisdom teeth. An appointment with your dentist can start your wisdom teeth treatment and relieve your dental issues.

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