What Type of Materials Are Used to Make Dentures?

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A quality set of dentures can mitigate the loss of your natural teeth in several ways. Good dentures restore your smile and take up some of the functions of your missing teeth. They allow you to chew and speak much as you did before.

However, the quality of your dentures informs your quality of life on a daily (and hourly) basis. This is a good enough reason to find out about the prosthetics that will be spending countless hours in your mouth. More to the point, you should learn about the materials that go into the making of dentures.

Dentures and their components

Every set of dentures is unique in that it fits perfectly over the wearer’s gums and palette. Prosthodontists oversee the fabrication of dentures, using an impression of the patient’s gums as a blueprint. A set of dentures will have three main components:

  • The base: This is the part that mimics the gums. This base is hollow, allowing it to act as a sheath for the wearer’s gums.
  • Plate: This is an ‘outgrowth’ of the base that extends to the roof of the mouth, where it provides extra support that keeps the dentures in place
  • False teeth: These attach to the base (false gums) just like natural teeth attach to actual gums. Partial dentures also have clips that attach onto remaining natural teeth

It is important to note the different parts that make up the whole. A prosthodontist will consult with their patient to choose the type of material that goes into each component. They may settle on dentures that are made of a single material, or choose different materials for different components.

Materials that go into the fabrication of dentures

Most dentures are made of metal, acrylic, porcelain, or a combination of two or more of these materials. This section goes into detail, pointing out the uses of each material.

1. Metal

Prosthodontists may recommend dentures with a metal base for certain patients. They will pick out biocompatible metals like a chrome-cobalt alloy. Dental labs dye and shape the metal such that it resembles actual gums and palate. Dentures with a metal base and plate will usually have acrylic or porcelain teeth. It is also worth noting that partial dentures usually have metal clips that attach to adjacent teeth. These clips hold the dentures in place and prevent slippage.

2. Porcelain

Porcelain is a strong, durable material that mimics the texture, translucence, and sheen of natural teeth. These teeth always attach to bases of different materials like metal, acrylic, or nylon. Apart from their good looks and durability, porcelain teeth are easy to keep clean. Their smooth, even surfaces deny plaque the tiny nooks that make for good hiding places.

3. Acrylic

Most dentures sport acrylic bases. Some dentures even have acrylic teeth to go with their acrylic base. Acrylic is tough and lightweight, making it a favorite with prosthodontists as well as their patients. However, the rougher surface of acrylic tends to form minuscule nooks that make good hiding spaces for plaque and harmful mouth bacteria. This means that the owner of acrylic dentures should take extra care as they clean them.

4. Nylon or flexible plastic

Some partial dentures are made of flexible, lightweight plastic that still manages to be strong enough for chewing. This type of denture is popular for its comfort.

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