Are Your Teeth Too Sensitive? Treating Teeth Sensitivity

Looking for dental options for treating teeth sensitivity? If you experience any type of discomfort or pain when eating or drinking things that are cold or hot, then looking into your treatment options is definitely a great idea. There are many different reasons someone may be diagnosed with sensitive teeth. Once you find out why this is happening to you, you can take the necessary measures to solve the problem.

What makes teeth sensitive?

Some people's teeth become so sensitive that it gets in the way of their being able to enjoy everyday living. When someone’s teeth are sensitive, it is likely that they experience a great deal of discomfort or pain when eating or drinking. So, why would someone experience tooth sensitivity? Common reasons include having cracked teeth, teeth that have decay, teeth in which the fillings are wearing away, teeth that are worn down, teeth that have jeopardized enamel and teeth that are showing their roots.

How to treat sensitive teeth

While sensitive teeth can indeed be treated, it depends on the cause of the dental patient's sensitive teeth when it comes to choosing a particular treatment. The following is a list of dental treatments available for those who have sensitive teeth and are looking for their options when it comes to solving the problem.

Treating teeth sensitivity option #1 — using a tooth-desensitizing toothpaste

Treating teeth sensitivity option #2 — in-office desensitizing treatments, e.g., fluoride gel, special desensitizing agents, etc.

Treating teeth sensitivity option #3 — dental fillings

Treating teeth sensitivity option #4 — dental crowns

Treating teeth sensitivity option #5 — dental bonding

Treating teeth sensitivity option #6 — dental inlays or onlays

Treating teeth sensitivity option #7 — surgical gum grafts

Got any sensitive teeth questions?

If you need treatment for teeth that are sensitive, please be sure to call us as soon as you can. It is not only beneficial to your teeth, it also allows you to live your daily life without having to experience any discomfort or pain when eating or drinking. If we can answer any questions for you, go ahead and give us a call so we can provide you with the answers you need.

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