What Are Some Dental Restoration Options for a Broken Tooth?

Broken Tooth Lilburn, GA

You can never know when a broken tooth will ruin your day. Enjoying a glass of iced tea may turn into a dental emergency 10 minutes later. As awful as it is, a broken tooth is a common thing that many people deal with. It is a relief to know that there are many dental restorations to consider so that you can mend your broken tooth.

Dental bonding

For a chipped or broken tooth, dental bonding is a quick restoration option. Here, the dentist applies a composite resin substance to the damaged tooth. Then shaping the resin into the missing part of the tooth follows. The dentist may also choose to use the bonding material to reattach the part of the tooth that broke off. This is also an effective way to fill small cracks.

If the patient is in a hurry to get back to work or school, bonding is a great option. The treatment can finish in just one session. There is no need for anesthetics. Also, the dentist and the patient do not need to wait for fabrication from an off-site dental lab.


This might be the first thing that comes to mind for restoring a broken tooth. A dental filling may not restore the entire tooth, but it can prevent more damage. Patients usually prefer composite resin. The tooth-colored substance is not noticeable, so no one will know that the patient had a tooth restoration.


If the broken tooth had to be extracted, the patient must have a replacement tooth right away. Dentures can restore the missing tooth or teeth right away. Unlike implants, dentures are removable. The patient must use clips or adhesives to keep dentures in place. If the patient wants an affordable way to restore the broken or lost tooth, this is the ideal option.

Dental crowns

A large portion of the tooth can break off at the top. This is where dental crowns enter the picture. The dentist must shave off a layer of enamel first. Then the dentist should take an impression of the broken tooth. The impression or mold will guide the dental lab technician in fabricating the permanent dental crown. When the permanent crown is done, the dentist will bond it to the broken tooth with dental adhesive or cement.

Dental implants

If the dentist decides that the tooth should be extracted, then there should be a replacement tooth. Most patients want a sturdy and permanent restoration option. That is why they get dental implants. This option may take a significant amount of effort, money, and time, but the results are impressive. The patient can enjoy a restored tooth that feels, looks, and functions like the lost natural tooth.

Your broken tooth may stay or go, but dental restorations always have your back

It is often disheartening to see your precious tooth break by just biting into steamed corn or your favorite candy bar. The relaxing afternoon would end up with you sitting in the dental clinic, waiting for the dentist to restore your broken tooth. Thanks to the mentioned restoration options, you can have your tooth repaired or replaced in good time. Discussing the right option with your dentist can help you make informed decisions about the restoration that you want.

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