When Would a Dentist Recommend Dental Laminates?

Dental Laminates Lilburn, GA

Dentists typically recommend dental laminates to patients that want to improve the look of their teeth by addressing minor imperfections with the visible surface of front teeth. The most common concerns that dental laminates can address are damaged teeth, teeth stains, short teeth, and misshapen teeth.

When are dental laminates recommended by a dentist?

The following review highlights when a dentist might recommend dental laminates and how they are effective in treating specific cosmetic concerns. This should help you make a more informed choice about this treatment and better understand what type of results you can expect.

Damaged teeth

Front teeth can become damaged by a blow to the face during sports, as a result of teeth grinding, and in a variety of other situations. When tooth damage occurs, it can lead to teeth that are chipped, cracked, and broken in other ways. Laminates can address many types of damaged teeth, restoring the patient’s smile and protecting the underlying layers of teeth from harm.

Teeth stains

Teeth stains can also be corrected by dental laminate treatment. Dentists often recommend professional, in-office teeth whitening and at-home care for mild teeth stains. However, for teeth that are moderate to severely stained or for teeth that for another reason cannot be brought to the desired shade of white, dental laminates make for a great cosmetic solution to achieve a bright and beautiful smile.

Short teeth

Dental laminates can also lengthen teeth that appear too short. This is often the result of teeth simply being naturally too short or certain teeth not matching the proper length to allow for an even-looking smile. In other instances, patients may have teeth that are worn down by teeth grinding (bruxism). In either case, dental laminates can help achieve the ideal size and shape for teeth.

Teeth gaps

Patients who have minor gaps between teeth that cause a cosmetic concern can fill in the gaps between teeth with dental laminates. This is done by lengthening the sides of each front tooth to ensure the ideal amount of space is between each one and there is not any excess space that causes an aesthetic concern. In these cases, dental laminates make for an intriguing alternative to orthodontic treatment.

Alignment concerns

In some instances, dental laminates can address minor cases of dental misalignment (crooked teeth). This allows the patient to create a more even and symmetric smile without having to go through a longer orthodontic process. However, with that said, dental laminates are not ideal for addressing overcrowding or more severe instances of crooked teeth.

Dental laminates help many people improve their smile

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