Can a Dental Crown Conserve Tooth Structure?

Dental Crown Lilburn, GA

The general purpose of dental crown treatment is to restore the size, shape, function, appearance, and health of a damaged tooth. During the process, the dentist can ensure the crown restores or protects the natural structure of the tooth. This allows the tooth to keep its ideal natural appearance and helps with function as well. 

Reviewing how dental crown treatment can conserve tooth structure

The following is a review of how a dental crown can restore or conserve the structure of damaged teeth and when a dental crown might be recommended by a dentist for the purpose of addressing issues of tooth structure. 

Dental crown treatment explained

A dental crown is a type of dental restoration that completely surrounds the tooth on all sides. Crowns are intended to protect and restore damaged teeth or teeth that have a natural cosmetic issue in regards to their structure (e.g., teeth that are too short). There are different types of dental crown material, including ceramic (tooth-colored), porcelain fused to metal, metal alloy, and gold alloy. The type of crown that is used depends on the exact purpose of its application. 

How a dental crown can conserve tooth structure

A dental crown can conserve tooth structure by providing the ideal size and shape based on the current state of the tooth. Keep in mind, each dental crown is customized after a tooth impression is taken to fully understand the current state of the tooth that is being restored. For example, if a tooth is worn down by teeth grinding, then the dentist can restore its tooth structure by creating a dental crown that lengthens the worn-down tooth to match the ideal size and shape of adjacent teeth that are healthier. 

When a dentist might recommend dental crown treatment

A dentist might recommend dental crown treatment for patients that have one or more dental cavities, chipped teeth, cracked teeth, teeth damaged by bruxism, or naturally misshapen or short teeth. Of course, other restorative or cosmetic solutions may also be an option, and it is best to schedule a visit with a dentist to determine which solution is most appropriate according to the patient’s specific needs.

How to care for a dental crown long-term

Patients can care for their dental crown and overall oral health by practicing good oral hygiene, making smart dietary choices, and protecting teeth from trauma. Regular visits to the dentist for a check-up and dental cleaning are also very important to detect any issues as early as possible and limit the invasiveness of any treatment that is necessary. 

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