How an Emergency Dentist Can Treat a Broken Tooth

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You need an emergency dentist if you have a broken tooth. Regardless of how severe the damage is, you should go to the emergency dental clinic and receive quick treatment for it. If the damage is in the level of your enamel, the dentist will address the pain first. Further treatments may follow. If the damage is bigger, then the emergency dentist will perform a quick and effective treatment. Here are the ways an emergency dentist can address your broken tooth.

Composite filling

An emergency dentist can use a composite filling to fix the broken tooth. The dentist will clean the tooth first. Then, the dentist will apply an etching liquid or gel to the tooth. Etching makes the surface of the tooth rougher. This will make the resin adhere better.

The emergency dentist will then apply the composite resin to the tooth. A curing light will harden it. Then, the dentist will shape and polish the bonding. The patient will go home with a tooth that looks new and natural.


A broken tooth can be a small chip. If this is the case, the emergency dentist can repair it with a small tool to smooth over the enamel. This type of damage only affects the enamel and not the deeper layers of the tooth. The emergency dentist will smoothen the edges of the tooth to even it out. This will make the tiny chip disappear.

Root canal

There are cases when the tooth’s damage reaches the pulp and nerve areas. This results in tremendous pain. The emergency dentist will perform an emergency root canal to remove the damaged pulp and nerves. Then, the dentist will clean out the space and fill it with strengthening material. After a week or so, a crown goes on top of the tooth to cover and protect the tooth.

Dental crown

A broken tooth may be a fracture to the enamel layer. For this case, the emergency dentist can seal the fracture and protect it with a dental crown. The dentist will clean the tooth and then file it down to the end of the fracture. Then, the dental lab will create a custom dental crown. This will take a week or two. The emergency dentist will provide the patient a temporary crown until the permanent one arrives.

Porcelain veneers

It can be devastating to have a broken front tooth. The patient should rush to the emergency dentist right away. A common treatment for this is the placement of porcelain veneers. Porcelain mimics the appearance and texture of natural teeth, which is why it is a popular choice.

The emergency dentist will shave off a thin layer of enamel first. Then, a thin application of adhesive will follow. Each porcelain shell goes in front of the damaged tooth. It conceals the damage, making the patient’s smile look youthful and new.

An emergency dentist can treat your broken tooth right away

A broken tooth is a common dental emergency. There are different levels of damage your emergency dentist can treat. The primary concerns are pain and infection. Your dentist will address these and restore your teeth. Knowing how your emergency dentist could help you will ease your mind during such a stressful experience.

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