Multiple Tooth Replacement for Missing Teeth in a Row

Multiple Teeth Replacement Options Lilburn, GA

There are several multiple tooth replacement options for you to choose from when it comes to replacing missing teeth that are right next to each other.

Living with missing teeth should never be an option, given the many negative effects of doing so. Teeth roots come out with teeth when they fall out, and that leads to bone tissue breakdown in the jaw if the tooth is not replaced with an implant. Also, the remaining teeth start moving toward the gap created by missing teeth to try to close it.

The problems do not stop there, though. Missing some of your teeth can lead to difficulty chewing food or speaking. It can also make you more self-conscious about your appearance.

Multiple tooth replacement options

Here are multiple tooth replacement options that a dentist might recommend to replace your lost teeth and restore your smile.

1. Partial dentures

These are the most affordable way to replace multiple teeth right next to each other. It is also the least invasive approach, as there is no need to make any permanent alterations to the patient’s teeth. The process takes about two weeks and involves taking an impression of the patient’s mouth and sending it to a lab where oral prosthetics like partial dentures are made.

2. Dental bridge

Dental bridges are used to close up the spaces created when multiple teeth next to each other are missing. Bridges are typically attached to the two teeth closest to the space after they have been covered up with a crown. Covering up these teeth with crowns makes them stronger, leading to improved support for the bridge.

Bridges can also be attached to implants that are inserted at the ends of the gap in a patient’s smile. The implants are fitted with crowns that serve as abutments for the implant. This leads to a longer-lasting solution for the patient.

A set of artificial teeth called pontics are attached to the crowns. These artificial teeth are often made out of porcelain and have great aesthetics. The process of getting a bridge takes about two trips to the dentist during a two-week period.

3. Dentures

Dentures are often recommended when a patient has lost most of the teeth on one half of their jaw. It provides an affordable way to replace missing teeth, and the process can be completed in as little as two weeks. Dentures replace the function and appearance of lost teeth. The main complaint that most denture wearers have is a lack of stability.

Implants can be used to address that issue. Instead of the dentures resting on the patient’s gums, they are attached to implants, keeping the prosthetic stable when worn.

Explore your missing teeth replacement options

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